I am so extremely happy for you, congratulations on your engagement! Weddings are our very favorite thing! After doing this for 9 years I can promise you there is still no better way for me to spend my weekends. My husband and I tied the knot in February of 2016 and was one of the best days of my life. Weddings are not an event to me they are what I call a Life Upgrade! So many exciting, happy and huge things await you and I am thrilled you reached out to us.  This blog was written to help guide you through the booking process, to give you a behind the scenes look into a wedding day and to hopefully exceed all your expectations on what a wedding photographer and filmmaker do!

PHOTO CREDIT: Photo by Shayla

PHOTO CREDIT: Photo by Shayla


We know that wedding planning can be crazy but we also believe there is a process to booking your vendors that will ease the process. So we encourage you to book your wedding planner and venue 1st thing. Once you have those lined up all your other vendors can fall into place.

When you decide to book with us we want to make sure that you have a good understanding of everything you are getting in your package so after the wedding you are just as excited to receive the magic we create for you.

We like to give our couples a look into what a full photo and film viewing site looks like. Please follow the links below to view them!




On the wedding day we arrive a few minutes early to check out the location, if we haven’t already and we unpack our equipment. We check in with the bride and the wedding planner then begin following our schedule however we have laid it out for the day! We love meeting other vendors and always look forward to tagging them on all social media platforms to help them promote themselves as well.

We do our best to help make sure each pose feels natural and the light is as clean as possible for the best shot. Each venue is different and each couple has their own vibe as well, no wedding is ever the same! We love starting our with the prep photos as it helps to warm everyone up for the day, we also love meeting your families. We LOVE the families.

After we do the first half of our schedule we take a break from the bridal party to set up for the wedding, capture some set up details while getting coverage of the guests arriving. At this time we mic the groom, the officiant and plug into the DJ if possible to capture the audio from the wedding.

During the ceremony we normally hang out on the sides, the back and towards the back of the aisle. We have long lenses that allow us to keep a respectful distance while still staying close to the action. We hang back until the first kiss and then we come in to get the official announcement of MR. + MRS!!!!

After the ceremony we roll into family photos. We can talk more about that at our consultation as to how to make that as seamless as possible! Once we finish with family we continue on with our schedule.

One of the main things we do try to get is the bride + groom at golden Hour, sometimes it falls perfectly in our schedule depending on the time of year/time of wedding and other times we schedule it in during the reception! We would take a quick 10 minutes to step out and capture those gorgeous romantic and dreamy moments of quiet time.

After that we get back to the party, we are in on the dance floor, hanging out with family and friends while helping your DJ/MC in any way we can!

As the evening starts to wind down and our time comes to an end we always check out with the bride + groom to make sure we got everything you needed! Then we pack up our equipment and say our goodbyes.



After the wedding we usually head home, ice our feet and unload our equipment. We then start the editing process! We like to post a sneak peek 24 - 48 hours after your wedding. Then we take the next 6-8/8-10 weeks and work on your photos and film! We shoot to give us the raw files which are really big images, these take a little bit to sort through but are so worth it! Film is always a little longer as we have audio to add in as well!

From here we pick through all of the best cuts from the wedding and build your album/highlight film.



We are so proud to offer Photo + Film packages! If you are looking for Photo, Film or a combo package we have them and you can find them listed below. Our Photo + Film Magic Package is our most booked package for 2019 + 2020. Package pricing are subject to change, quote is only good for 30 days after contact.



Does the full ceremony come with the highlight film?

  • No it does not as we are creating a highlight film from all of the events throughout the day, however if you would like to add that to our package we can for an additional fee.

  • We do try to include vows and all the events (vows, exchanging or rings, unity ceremony, etc) from the ceremony so it more complete.

  • Are the toasts included in the highlight film?

    • No, it does not as we are creating a highlight film from all of the events throughout the day, however if you would like to add that to our package we can for an additional fee.

  • Is drone footage included?

    • YES! We gift drone footage to all of our clients who book us for film. As long as weather permits and there are no flight exceptions around us (airports, schools, etc) we will send up the drone.

  • How many photos do we receive?

    • Depending on the day (amount of people, bridal party, events, package choice) we average around 500+ photos. Please note we do not limit the amount you receive, we give back as many as we can!

  • Do you do destination weddings? If so what are your travel costs?

    • We customize each travel package depending on locations, specially for destinations outside of California.

    • Any venue over 2 hours of drive time from our studio requires a 2 night hotel stay+ travel fee (gas, parking, etc) so that we can arrive the night before so we have no bumps along the way to ensure we are there on time for the wedding and also the night of the wedding.



When you have feel like you are ready to book with us we build you a custom contract and set a date to meet! At this meeting we go over the contract, we build a schedule of the day, talk about all the details and lock down the date through the deposit. At the signing of the contract we require a deposit to book the date, the deposit is 25% of the total package. It is non-refundable and non-transferable so, like we said earlier, we do suggest that you book the venue you want to be sure everything is locked in! The deposit is subtracted from your total which is due two weeks prior to the wedding.  We accept cash, check or card (3.5% fee with card). 

When you are ready to book, reach out to us through e-mail, text or Direct Messaging and we will set up a date and time! We have been working extremely hard at what we do and love it. Wedding are my passion mostly because I know how amazing it feels to go through life, trials and heartache then to come out of the darkness to find the one who lights up my world, the love of my life. Now that you have found your person, I want to help celebrate that! The person you would share your chips and salsa with, who didn’t hesitate to say “that’s fine” when they said “guac is extra” , the person who gives you all the feels and all the carne asada tacos. Let’s celebrate the magic of real, authentic, love!



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