Mr. + Mrs. Michael Schroeder

Mr. + Mrs. Michael Schroeder

Saturday, April 14th, 2018 | Barns At Willow Creek Events | Brownsvalley, Ca. 

Our backdrop for this beautiful day was in Brownsvalley, Ca. at Willow Creek Events. It's a huge beautiful venue with so much to offer. If you are looking for a barn wedding or a wedding under a big willow tree over looking a large pond, this is your venue. 

Lonnie + I started our day by scoping out the property as it has been about 4 years since I had done a wedding there. Kristin has made some game changing additions to this place! We started at the barn where Kristin gave us a run down of the day and she pointed us to where the groomsmen were getting ready! So we darted over there to see what they were up to. 

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We got a few shots of them getting ready and then began some of the coolest groomsmen pictures ever. If you know anything about Michael you know he fishes and he is great at it. A true gift. He told me, "I'll hook one of the first cast" and he did. Great way to start off the day! 

After this we headed to see Kristiana and the girls who were getting ready in the bridal suite. First portion of business is always the dress. We scooped that beautiful thing up and started one of our favorite parts of the day. 


This dress needed no alterations. It was made for Kristiana. It's a stunning little number from my favorite bridal shop, AE Bridal.  Kristiana began getting dressed and had help from her sweet baby girl. 

Around 4:15pm we cleared the house of everyone but Kristiana and her dad. We were able to do an emotional and beautiful first look with them before the ceremony. 

Now, off to get married!


As guests were shuttled up the hill and the bridal party got in place Lonnie and I talked about our plan as we both have to get the shot while not being in each others way. It worked out perfectly. 

The ceremony was awesome, the officiant kept things light and fun even when the bridal party forgot the rings back at the bridal suite. The show must go on however so a generous family member offered up his wedding band for them to use. It just goes to show that when two people are truly in love all the little details don't always matter and no matter how much time, money and effort you put into a wedding something is always bound to make your day unique. 

After the wedding we usually go straight into family picture and the bridal party if there is no first look or previous arrangements.


After taking a BA-JILLION pictures we announced the Bride, Groom + Bridal Party in to the reception. 

One thing I loved about the set up of the reception timeline was that the Bride and Groom walked into their first dance. Lonnie and I did this also. It helps speed up the events so that your photographer can capture everything before they leave, specially if you are only there for 6-8 hours. I have been to some weddings that don’t have a great timeline and there is always a lot of cake left because a lot of people left early when nothing is happening or they have to wait longer after they have already had cocktail hour. I think a main reason for this is your MC. A lot of people have DJ’s which are people who come in and play music. When you have a wedding, you need an MC. Someone who will direct traffic so you and your family do not have to do so unless its a smaller intimate wedding. With that said, I finally found a reference for my DJ/MC Vendor list! Steve from TPSDJ’s was phenomenal and a pleasure to work with. Please see my previous blog with my Vendor List. 

As the dances finished up the Bridal Party got in line to for dinner which was the ever pleasing and always tasty treat from the Lord, pizza. Although I have heard there is such thing as a “pizza bar” I always thought it was a Pinterest dream and super hard work, well it is a Pinterest dream but it can be reality and there is no hard work for you if you hire Bella Familia Wood Fired Pizza. Scott was in the flames pushing pizza out every minute it felt like, I stood back behind the oven captivated by the magic and technique he had. I was able to sneak in a small conversation to learn that they have over 50 weddings this year and travel all over the place! Although I did not get the pleasure of trying the food, as I never eat during a wedding, I can tell you from my other senses of sight and smell I would hire this place. Presentation, Professionalism and Personality are my 3 Keys to succuess and this place had them!

After dinner and some socializing Lonnie and I grabbed these two and took off for an adventure. This place has so many beautiful little treasures. I wish I could hang out here all the time! These are really a tease compared to all the magic that was captured. 

We headed back to the guests and cut the cake, tossed the bouquet and guarder, heard some sweet toasts from the bridal party and danced a whole lot more!  

I have looked forward to this wedding since we booked it. These two are kind, loving and besties for life. Lonnie and I will always treasure this wedding and all the memories captured for Mr. + Mrs. Michael Schroeder. There are a lot of fish in the sea but these two were made to swim together forever! 



Mr. + Mrs. Josh Villasenor

Mr. + Mrs. Josh Villasenor