Stunning Hillside Napa Wedding + Intimate Vineyard Reception

Stunning Hillside Napa Wedding + Intimate Vineyard Reception

Kim + Rea | Napa Ca. Wedding + Yountville Ca. Reception | August 2019


If you have not thought about getting married in Napa, I would ask you to consider it. Kim + Rea got married on the hillside of Kim’s family vineyard, lIsley Vineyards in Napa, Ca and it was stunning. It’s not only one of the most scenic views in Napa but it’s accompanied by the most warm and welcoming people. The Ilsley family is generous, kind and extremely hospitable I feel honored to have met them all.


Let’s go back to the start, to the details. Kim’s dress was handmade and flown from Israel, Israel you guys. It’s gorgeous, so much thought went into this dress, It’s elegant, sexy and yet a secret all wrapped into one dress. it’s layers of magic, real deal sparkly magic. It was made with love by Tali & Marianna .

One of the main reasons I do what I do is because I love it.

“It” is so much more than taking pictures.

“It” is watching two people who were meant to find each other commit to love one another forever in front of people they love the most.

“It” is watching them walk down the aisle smiling, giggling and over flowing with joy because “We Just Got Married!”.

“It” is hanging out with just the bride and groom after the ceremony and almost feeling invisible because they are so lost in each other, oh gosh it’s the best feeling.

“It” is looking down at my camera and being blown away by the love I can feel through that screen.

Ultimately “it” for me is when I watch two people uniquely celebrate finding what I have found in Lonnie, their best friend, soul mate and better half.


Prime of example of me being invisible. #LoveLand


The reception was held in Yountville, Ca at Kim’s grandmothers property which is actually really flat land surrounded by mountains. This was the PERFECT spot to have a rustic, intimate and Pinterest inspired dinner with family and friends.


Being surrounded by these gorgeous grapes that were continuing to grow and one day will turn into wine was so metaphoric for the day. If you take care of each other, water needs, speak life into one another and continue to press into love you will juice a marriage bottled to perfection.


One of the sweetest, authentic and rare parts of the reception was when everyone at the table broke bread together. Rea’s brother spent the day making each and every loaf of Challah bread for the guest to share, dip and obviously enjoy with your drink of choice.


Napa is known for being one of the main hubs in the wine industry so Kim + Rea spoiled their loved ones with bottles and bottles of their favorite wine, word on the streets was there was enough wine for each person to have 2 bottles. #WheninRome


As the night started coming to an end, speeches were shared and toasts were made I looked at these two and you could just feel something different. Maybe it was Napa, and being surrounded by new growth, fresh starts and rolling hills. Maybe it was the romantic lighting, perfect stars and a couple glasses of wine or maybe, it was real love. Genuine unconditional love, a love that can’t be taught, earned or broken..a love I pray everyone finds.


If you would like to watch a sneak peek into Kim + Rea’s day I would love to invite you to watch the tiny film below. Thanks for reading!

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