In Home Newborn Sessions

In Home Newborn Sessions

In Home Newborn Sessions

When you were born the moon smiled with such wonder that the stars peeked in to see you.

We have been working on changing things up a little bit over here at Ashton Imagery. So excited for what is to come but before we dive too deep into that we do want to say we have decided to step away from our in studio sessions and will be focusing on in home newborn sessions!

After a year of using our studio we have felt as though our passion lies elsewhere and want to give 100% into what we feel we are called to! So we are stepping into in home nursery sessions and L O V E them.

Why should we do an In Home Nursery Session? Let me tell you some of the responses I hear!

Our focus is family. #1 always. One of the best benefits of doing an in home newborn session is that we come to you and we don’t have to interrupt the babies schedule! Adjusting to a new baby is hard enough so let’s stay home for the day and enjoy each moment. There is no need to rush around, get out the door, feed uncomfortably or change the baby outside of your comfort zone.

Another awesome reason to do your newborn session at home is the nursery! You go through so much work to put each loving detail into this nursery, let’s show it off! Its customized for this new little squishy you have brought home and one day they can show their babies how you cared so much to pick each item out for them.

Our goal is to make things easier on the parents and we love how laid back these sessions are!

What happens in these newborn session? Well I’ll give you a behind the lens look!

We usually try to hit our key favorites:

  1. Whole Family | This usually looks like just mom and dad or mom, dad + siblings with baby or add a or two as well!

  2. Siblings/pet with baby | These can be so special when your fur baby was your real first baby!

  3. Baby Details | We usually start by swaddling baby up and putting them in their crib, doing some detail shots of their little bitty ears and toes. We can add some family in these as well

  4. Nursery | We like to go through and get all the details we can in the nursery since you worked so hard to put it together!

  5. We may try staging a few shots with just the baby somewhere in the house or with a prop we may have brought with us like : a basket, some flowers, etc.


Another feature we love doing mostly because it is so different is Newborn Films!

We have you record a note, a poem or bible verse that you love and we lay that over all of the amazingness you have built as a family! Watch this film of baby Asher and I dare you not to cry your eyes out!

We like to personalize everything so what I love about these is that not one session looks alike because it represents the family and the home. Home is where the heart is and we would be delighted to be a part of your baby experience!

Shoot us an email and let’s capture some sweet moments!


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